FamTrack is a  solution for companies wishing to monitor their fleets: road transportation companies, courier services, logistics and distribution companies, companies with construction machinery and vehicle rental companies, among others.

FamTrack allows you to monitor your fleet in a simple and effective way, resulting in a clear increase in productivity, margins and service quality.

A small unit containing a GPS receiver and GPRS communication module is installed in each of the fleet’s vehicles. This unit allows you to monitor the movement of all vehicles: where they are, where they were, when they began the journey, where they stopped and for how long, and so on.

You can track all your vehicles anytime anywhere in real time. All you need to access FamTrack is an Internet connection and a web browser.

This application may be useful for

  • Track your Vehicle online in real time;
  • Record and review tracks;
  • Recover lost Vehicle;
  • Help you keep track of your drivers;
  • Save money for business owners.


Real-Time Tracking

Track the location of your objects (vehicle, person, mobile, bike etc.) online in real-time. Choose from the following maps: Google, Satellite, OSM etc. View additional information about the tracking objects: speed, exact address, petrol consumption, travel history etc.


Get instant alerts about your tracking object: know when the object enters or exits geo-zone, know if it is speeding and stopovers. Get SOS alarms if it has been stolen as well as turn on/off the engine easily. Get notifications to your iPhone, Android or Windows devices, via e-mail

History and Reports

Download and review reports in different formats: XLS. Reports include various information by date and GPS tracker name including: driving hours, stopovers, distance traveled, fuel consumption and many more. Detailed and group reports are also available.


Geofence feature allows to set up geographic boundaries around areas that have specific interest for you. Receive automated alerts when the object enters or leaves marked boundaries.